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“Sweet Disposition” meets “Social Network” Piano Cover Instrumental by Mike Bivona

Find me on Facebook! This piece came to me after I watched the academy awards. I went to figure out how to play the score fr…Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

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Scholar ID – Social Networking meets Education

Scholar ID is a social network for education that gives high school students the opportunity to be recognized for their academic achievements.
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Social Networking meets Banking… So after all this talk about Facebook and Google becoming banks, I got inspired to call a meeting with Thomas Power himself an…

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Big announcement, my pretty little flowers! Get ready for some #chictothenextlev realness because I am taking over for The Platform’s social media. xo P’Trique- Click for more P’Trique videos!: RSVP to keep up with your favorite ladies: Join The Platform! Like and Follow us! http Follow us on Instagram @theplatformYT! Show some love and get your P’Trique merch Like to get P’Trique on America’s Next Top Model: Tell Tyra you want P’Trique on America’s Next Top Model. #heytyra Click to Tweet: Starring: Patrick Pope as P’Trique Guest starring: Rebecca Black Leandra Medine Stella McCartney Executive Producer: Jenny Fancy Producer: Celeste Hughey Director: Jonathon Burford Shooters: Alana Fickes Kurt Schmidt Tim Davis Tristan Waldroop Production Coordinator: Grace Le PA: Justin Butts Ally LaFleur Editor: Clarence Gaines IV Writers: Jonathon Burford, Celeste Hughey, and Patrick Pope Special thanks to: Jackson Market and Deli ( Stella McCartney and Co. — shit girls say, fashion, shit fashion girls say, sfgs, parody, style, the platform, platform, comedy, funny, drag, beard, totes amaze, hashtag, #totesamaze, lifestyle, maker studios, tyra banks, amy pham, p’trique, rebecca black, stella

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Marketing Meets New Media: SXSW 2009

As the ultimate convergence of the music, film and interactive industries, there is no better place to market your brand than at SXSW. As this unique panelist discussion from 2009 aptly illustrates, SXSW is a unique union of new media, marketing and social networking. The synergetic confluence on display is one of the many things that makes SXSW the must attend event of the year. This featured discussion is a union of film (filmmaker Brett Gaylor, Burnie Burns of Rooster Teeth Productions), music (Jonathan Coulton), and the diverse aspects of the ever evolving interactive world (Scott Kirsner of CinemaTech, Markos Moulitsas of Kos Media, and Natasha Wescoat) that perfectly capsulizes the singular drawing power of SXSW. Whether you are seeking to discover new ideas or fine tune your market approach, SXSW is the place to realize goals.
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Poker Training Network Presents PTN www.PtnPlayer.Com Poker Meets Network Marketing

www.PtnPlayer.Com PTN – Poker Training Network is the first MLM company to capitalize on the global poker market. PTN is in prelaunch and looking for market leaders. PTN is capitalizing on the massive growth markets of poker, poker training and online social gaming. Just in prelaunch, PTN has created a world-class poker training platform that is getting incredible testimonials from both new and seasoned players. www.PtnPlayer.Com PTN is fueling the marketplace by releasing their own Facebook poker application to rival the current Zynga Poker. Zynga poker has been the only game in town for Facebook poker and has picked up 27 million users in just 30 months. PTN’s gameroom will provide affiliates a simple, no cost fun way to get their product in front of potential customers and affiliates. No other network marketing company has ever provided the field with such a marketing platform. www.PtnPlayer.Com PTN has also just signed Montel Williams to their corporate team. Montel is an avid poker player and a first class marketer who currently has the #1 highest grossing infomercial in the world. PTN is about to unleash a company sponsored lead generation campaign to 50 million business opportunity seekers worldwide with leads being dispersed between field leaders. PTN – Poker Training Network is building a global poker community and you have a chance to be a part of it. Jason Dehnert , owner of www.PtnPlayer.Com, is a Founding Affiliate and market leader who has built substantial

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Ana Ivanovic meets Veronica Belmont

Tennis star Ana Ivanovic gets on the court with technology video host, Veronica Belmont. Afterwards, Ana chats with Veronica about Facebook, her favorite gadgets, and why she enjoys communicating with her fans online. Ana Ivanovic on Facebook: Veronica Belmont on Twitter: WTA on Facebook:
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Digital transformation – creating new business models where digital meets physical

Businesses today are undertaking digital transformations, rethinking what customers value most and creating operating models that take advantage of what’s newly possible for competitive differentiation. The challenge for business is how fast and how far to go. Business leaders have long used information technology to improve productivity and efficiency, reach new markets and optimize supply chains. What’s new is that customer expectations have also changed. People everywhere are using social networks to find jobs and restaurants, lost friends and new partners — and, as citizens, to achieve common political goals. They are using the Internet for entertainment, shopping, socializing and household management. How can businesses best respond to this shift? How can they take advantage of the opportunity to innovate, differentiate and grow? And how can they do all this cost efficiently, leveraging and optimizing the newest information technologies as part of their overall physical operations? In this video, Saul Berman (Partner & VP, IBM Strategy & Transformation) and Paul Papas (Global Leader, IBM Smarter Commerce) provide a window into how leading companies are integrating digital and physical elements to successfully transform their business models — and set new directions for entire industries. For more information on this study go to:

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Girl Meets Guy on Meebo

Won best film and best director at the MTV Boom! Awards October 2009. This film was made as part of the Boom! awareness campaign and GCSE Applied Media to address the issues of talking and/or meeting up with strangers on the internet through instant messengers and social networking sites. The film was made in the style of the government road safety adverts that are shown on TV. Made by people from The Club at the The Small School in Hartland, Devon. Credits: Bryony Threadgould as “Girl” Harvey Jackson as “Guy” Written and Directed by: Harry Smith Producer: Eli Pryor Camera: Paul Wilkinson & Harry Smith Sound: Adrian Smith Editing: Harry Smith Special thanks to Petroc for loan of equipment and Hartland Playing Fields Comitee for permission of the location.

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The Social Networking Age Meets College Admissions

The Social Networking Age Meets College Admissions

Article by Richard Lorence

The Social Networking Age Meets College Admissions

Welcome to the social networking age. This is an age where Myspace and Facebook are just as much a part of a person’s social sphere as friends around the neighborhood and at school. Social networks provide a way for users to stay in touch with classmates, work associates, family members and friends and also post photos and videos, blog, meet people, exchange ideas and news, post work and so much more. Concerning education, this would help a scholarship committee familiarize themselves with people that are potential winners of free college scholarships in more detail.

Recently, univeristies began turning to the Internet and social networking tools for college publicity and recruiting. Potential students are already able to do a university search on the internet to locate schools and find more information on their internet sites. College admissions criteria and recruitment information is available on the internet on school sites and others as well. Many colleges and universities now offer and even prefer that admissions applications and test scores be submitted online to streamline the process of applying. Networking is also easing the process for college admissions screening and recruiting through online submittal.

Not so long ago, students were forced to depend heavily on high grade point averages and test scores to get noticed by admissions boards. Athletes had to rely heavily on recruitment efforts, but those who lived in rural areas had a disadvantage over urban area applicants. Athletes now can send videos using the internet to coaches and university recruiting officers all over the country. Athletes in parts of the country that aren’t given a lot of attention from admissions officers or aren’t usually scouted a lot can get themselves noticed with the Internet and social networking.

Services online are getting schools and possible students in a way that in the past wasn’t possible. The payoff of graduation for most any high school student is going on to college. Prospective students now have more tools and resources than ever by way of social networking to create connections with and market themselves to colleges and universities. While grade point averages and ACT/SAT scores still remain the main criteria, students who have less than perfect grade point averages and test scores have an opportunity to promote other things they excel at. College admissions criteria is being slowly expanded to include potential students’ work experience, employment, interests, experiences, activities, creativity as well as other determining factors. These factors have been an influence in college recruitment, but social networking makes it far easier for students to showcase thier aptitude and colleges have the chance to easily see and recognize them. Athletes who participate in hockey, baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, football, cheer, volleyball, track, swimming and others can submit highlight videos using the internet to be given to college recruiting offices, college admissions offices and coaches. Recruitment resources and tools can be accessed and used using the internet.

Students reap the rewards of social networking by building peer relationships and networks. Students are able to share interests and thoughts with other students that have some of the same interests and talents and then improve and develop them. Different clubs, organizations, and groups exist within social network groups that bring together students and prospective students from across the country. Alumni and prospective students are able to give counsel and ask questions to help students that face college admissions.

Students have the opportunity to be connected to good schools around the country throught their whole high school experience. College or university searches no longer require a personal visit to campuses, but students can get access to data and college admissions from their own home. Students are given the chance to present to admissions boards the things they have accomplished, what their goals and aspirations are and what kind of person they are.

Author’s Bio:R. Lorence is an free lance writer. Zinch is one of the very first websites online that’s really pushing to connect potential students in high school directly with admissions boards and collee recruitment officers in a way that’s never previously been done, with social networking. The new college search will completely change the college admissions process.

About the Author

R. Lorence is an freelance writer who has done writing and research for Get information and advice on college search and social networking.

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